Why a Reporting Center?

The reason is that Muslim discrimination is still prevalent in our society today. This is not only evident from complaints by Muslim students around us but also from various research findings. ISV Deen aims to work at both the local and national levels to combat discrimination, with a specific focus on discrimination against Muslim students.

Our action plan consists of three main components:

  1. Facilitating Reporting Centers: Research indicates that Muslim discrimination occurs more often than is reported. This is a significant problem and a cause for concern. Reporting discrimination provides information about how, where, when, and in what ways Muslim discrimination occurs. This information is necessary to prevent and combat discrimination. To gather this information and advocate against Muslim discrimination, Deen will set up an online reporting center. We will actively campaign during various events and activities to motivate students to report instances of Muslim discrimination.
  2. Making Acquired Reports (anonymously) Public: The goal of the reporting center is to give victims of discrimination a voice. Making the incidents that occur visible and audible by sharing them (anonymously) on social media, specifically on Facebook. Additionally, we will make incidents in and around the student lives of our Muslim students known by reporting them to the University Council of the University of Groningen.
  3. Offering Courses: Becoming resilient in a society where discrimination exists is the aim of the “Dealing with Discrimination” course. It’s about moving beyond the role of a victim and developing oneself in a way that discrimination does not hold you back. Through this course, we aim to empower Muslim students against Muslim discrimination. The course may include engaging workshops and lectures.

Where Are We Now?

At the moment, we are still in the process of setting up the project. Please be assured that we take this matter very seriously,